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Edwin de Kock (1930-) has written Christ and Antichrist in Prophecy and History (2001), The Use and Abuse of Prophecy: History, Methodology, and Myth (2007), The Truth About 666 and the Story of the Great Apostasy (2011), Seven Heads and Ten Horns in Daniel and the Revelation (2011), and A More Sure Word of Prophecy (2015). Totaling more than 1700 pages, these five books are interrelated, but each of them has a different focus and contains material not available in any of the others.
These works have been well accepted in the United States and elsewhere, used by evangelists, and prescribed a few times for seminary classes. Scholars as well as ordinary readers have delighted in his pleasant style, blended with research ranging
over centuries. He displays a grasp of history, contemporary world affairs, and polyglot culture that is unusual among writers on prophecy. He has also published in Afrikaans and Esperanto, the International Language. In the latter, he is one of its most famous original poets. A good deal of his poetry has been translated into other languages, including English. De Kock’s fascination with prophecy and history is virtually as old as his Adventism, beginning in his native South Africa more than seven decades ago. It culminated in more than twenty years of intensive research, which is still continuing. He has qualifications in theology, literature, education, and speech. In Israel, on Crete, and in Europe, he visited great museums, cathedrals, art galleries, and important sites connected with the contents of his books.
He has lectured internationally and been interviewed on radio and television in several countries, including the Esperanto service of Radio Vatican. The last mentioned was about his Adventism. Professionally he was an educator for more than thirty-five years, in South Africa, South Korea, and the United States, especially as a college teacher. He finished this career as a writing professor at the University of Texas–Pan American in 2000. His wife Ria, whom he married in 1954, has been similarly engaged at the same university. Their sons and their families also live in America.