What Is Historicist Prophetic Witness?

     Historicist Prophetic Witness (HPW) is an independent Christian ministry. It is neither owned by nor affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are, however, members of it and endorse the Historicist school which has from the beginning characterized its prophetic interpretation. This is, moreover, part of our heritage from the Protestant Reformation and its antecedents. Therefore, we are opposed to every tendency which blends into it elements of Preterism, Dispensationalism, or Idealism by some scholars and laymen in the denomination.

    HPW is not responsible nor is it legally liable for opinions and ideas expressed by authors other than Edwin de Kock whom it may cite, endorse, or sometimes publish.

     It largely promotes the printing and circulation of his books, together with data CDs, e-books, or the like. It also presents and discusses news items to show how Bible prophecy is fast being fulfilled. HPW as well as its web site is at present owned by the de Kock family, who bear full responsibility for it. The registration of a not-for-gain enterprise is difficult and in some ways problematical. Therefore, donations to support this work are unfortunately not tax-deductible. The de Kocks pay tithe, Sales Tax, and Federal Income Tax on any profits which the sales of their products may generate.