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November 5, 2017 (I hope it is the last time the U.S.A. fiddles with time!)


Precious family and friends,


Everything is moving too fast: after only 30 hours in the Mission Regional Hospital for spinal surgery, with the fusion of two vertebrae, I was released into the hands of a precious 87-year-old man, who was shown once how to change my wound dressing. He has looked after me better than any trained RN ever could have done since the beginning of our marriage almost 63 years ago! We were so richly blessed by our Valley’s caring church families who prayed, visited, sang with us, and kept food coming, so that for the first two weeks we had absolutely no cooking to do, except when Edwin felt like preparing us some of his special corn flour grits which we sometimes have for breakfast. Rowena came to show Edwin how to massage my back muscle spasms with castor oil. Three months after the surgery an x-ray will show the state of the fusion. I’d better not test it too much in the meantime!


Our spirits also rejoiced over the number of 500th Reformation programs conducted by various theological societies and ministries, as well as articles in Adventist World. Amazing Discoveries with Dr. Walter Veith, our South African brother and friend, conducted one too. So much for burying the Reformation, no matter with how much sly ferocity the Counter Reformation was launched! We were happy to find a group of Lutherans still staunchly reformative. Even if the Sea Beast of Revelation 13 now pretends to be so kind and gentle, it is so much more dangerous than before. No wonder Jesus warned His people against deceptions – throughout the ages. Satan has a thousand of these for each situation and personality. We were told that he is now more crafty than in the time of the apostles. Frightening, except when we are on our knees.


You may have noticed, among the final special prayer requests in the previous Ria’s Corner of our need for helpers of various kinds. God has been so good to touch Br. John for a splendid check. Then Patrick came to cut the very tall grass. The day before that he spent almost a whole day helping Edwin to make up a large number of book parcels ordered by Amazing Discoveries. All of these arrived safely at their destination. Praise God!


Please pray earnestly for healing of Michael, our webmaster who has Parkinson’s. He is getting stronger from his emergency ulcer surgery, but is unable to do further web work for us.  In the meantime, however, another self-supporting ministry most kindly indicated that their webmaster could help us as soon as he has finished his present task. Please pray the Lord will give his hands/mind wings and richly bless everybody involved for their willingness to assist us.


We are, once again, fast heading for Thanksgiving. Edwin and I thank the Lord specially every evening for His special daily blessings. It is wonderful to have a short prayer together at eventide, especially when one hears the husband thank the Lord for his good wife! We hope we/you will not be lonely at that time, but be with some warm-hearted friends and church family if no biological kith or kin is available.


We attach a flyer designed by and donated to us by our precious Norma. Could you please forward it to your e-mail list of loved ones and friends in time for Christmas?


Also please ask the Lord to give us wisdom about 40 cases of Edwin’s books in Berrien Springs near Andrews University, most kindly taken there from the printers in Benton Harbor by our most helpful friend Ken. He has now moved into another place that does not have enough safe storage space for the books. All suggestions will be most welcome.


We are so grateful Edwin has finished his Esperanto epic, La Konflikto de la Epokoj (The Conflict of the Ages). However, he is still working on notes to help readers, many of whom know little about the Bible.


Perhaps some of you have read a wonderful book Dramatic Prophecies of Ellen White – Stories of World Events Divinely Foretold by Herbert Douglass. I greatly recommend this work. His chapter 5 and 6 are shockingly being fulfilled right before our very eyes. I was so sorry to read he passed away a few years ago, but look forward to meeting him in the kingdom. But people who do not know that these things were predicted up to150 years ago may well accuse us by saying, “You knew this would happen, and you never told us!” May their blood not be found on our garments.


We hope this finds you in good health and with many daily reasons for gratitude and rejoicing. Please pray for us and all the suffering in our shattered world, and help hasten the Lord’s coming. We love you, think about you often, and are praying for you. Remember, we also love hearing from you!


Fondest love from us both, Ria (and Edwin) 





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