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22 November 2012                                                                    Editor and Proprietor

                                                                                                   Edwin de Kock

Bulletin # 5


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                                    More About Amazing Discoveries



appy Thanksgiving! To convey my good wishes is one reason for writing to you again so soon. But there is also another one. Prophetic Bulletin # 4, which you received a few days ago, contains a number of errors. For this, I apologize. Please read the corrected version, which is also attached.

     Amazing Discoveries is one of the Lord’s finest agencies for finishing his work in preparation for the Second Coming. It is not, as some have supposed, confined to the work of Dr. Walter J. Veith. He did not start nor does he own the ministry. He lives in far-away South Africa. Amazing Discoveries is centered in Canada, though he is one of its most important speakers.

     Some dislike the candor with which he exposes the wiles and deceptions of the Antichrist. Part of the problem is that people who have never left the United States to visit Europe and lack historical insight find it difficult to understand the papacy in global terms. They also fault Dr. Veith because he firmly rejects the ecumenical movement and links a number of secret societies to the Catholic Jesuit Order.

     The history of ideas about a New World Order, the Illuminati, and the Freemasons is complicated and obscure. Therefore, the relationship between these entities and the Jesuits is also murky. Freemasonry, a secret society, is a case in point. Its adepts claim a very ancient past. Allegedly it began with the building of Solomon’s temple about three thousand years ago. This is certainly mythical. Apparently, however, organized lodges did exist in the European Middle Ages. At that time, the Roman Church employed a large number of masons for building its beautiful cathedrals. But modern Freemasonry is a more recent thing. It became prominent in the eighteenth century when the Grand Lodge was formed in London, England, during 1717. That Freemasons have been powerful men in the world, especially in English-speaking, Protestant countries, cannot be contested. The first American president, George Washington, was one of them; so were many other men in high places.

     Officially the Catholic Church is opposed to Freemasonry. This would not, of course, have deterred the Jesuits from infiltrating and seeking to manipulate the society. Their order came into existence during the Counter Reformation to defend and uphold the authority of the Pope and undo the work of the Protestant Reformation. To make this possible, they are apt to manipulate any powerful body of people, Freemasons included.

      But for us a more pertinent question is whether the Jesuits play a role in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. The Remnant Church exists to complete the work that Luther, Calvin, Knox, the Wesleys, and others started. Our view of Rev. 13, including the idea that the number 666 refers to vicarius Filii Dei, a pontifical title, is hateful to the Jesuits. It is also odious to ecumenically-minded Protestants, increasingly inclined to go back into the embrace of Papa. So a serious question arises: what role do the Jesuits play in blunting our evangelistic outreach? This we do not yet know, but the future—which eventually exposes everything—will reveal the truth.

     But the other night I woke up with a startling question in my mind: what is the statistical probability that the Jesuits have not infiltrated our church and are not working powerfully as fifth columnists within its ranks to disrupt the work of the three angels’ messages? The answer to this question also swiftly came to me. Such a probability is exactly zero!

     Do I agree with everything that Walter Veith has to say about secret societies and the Jesuits? No, I do not. And yet it is unwise simply to brush aside his ideas without studying them closely. In any case, his analysis of and warnings against the papal menace makes him a powerful evangelist. He is, moreover, not a lone wolf but an ordained minister of the South African Union Conference. Over there, at least four pastors from other Protestant churches have become Seventh-day Adventists as a result of his work. By their fruits shall ye know them.

     Another South African featured by Amazing Discoveries is Pastor François du Plessis. My niece Eldene Cheryl Goosen in that country has just sent me interesting news about him. I translate from the Afrikaans original:  

     “The Lord willing, on RSG Radio (101-104 FM), www.rsg.co.za, on Sunday, 6 January 2013, at 19:00 [7:00 p.m.], Dr. Johan Symington will, on the program “Kruis en Dwars [Crosscurrents],” be talking to a Catholic Priest, a Dutch Reformed doctor, and our own François du Plessis. The theme will be ‘The Relevance of the Sabbath.’ Kindly put this in your bulletins and tell your SDA as well as your non-SDA friends. Also pray for Pastor François.” This discussion will also be appearing on the Internet.


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n the meantime, the holidays and shopping season are suddenly upon us. If you have not already done so, please buy one or more of my books as a Christmas present for yourself. Otherwise, acquire one for a relative or a dear friend. In this way, you support our ministry. Even if I must say so myself, you will not find other contemporary works by a Seventh-day Adventist writer which so strongly and with such accuracy uphold our Historicist heritage. Here are the titles, not including postage and handling:


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     May God bless, sustain, and keep you faithful until the Lord Jesus comes to fetch us to our everlasting home.


     Edwin and Ria de Kock