Bulletin of Prophetic Historicism


17 April 2013                                                                            Editor and Proprietor

                                                                                                   Edwin de Kock

Bulletin # 7


The editor/proprietor assumes responsibility for his own contributions. He is not, however, responsible or liable for the ideas expressed in pieces by other writers, also sometimes mentioned or cited.


                                              Is This the Last Bulletin?



et me promptly answer this question: no, it is not the final one, but much has happened since we last made contact with one another. My wife Ria and I now have a website: propheticum.com. One of its sections is Newsletters, containing all the past Bulletins of Prophetic Historicism, as well as # 6. This is an update about our most recent activities. Please go there, surf its various pages, and invite your friends to do the same.

     Amongst other offerings, our website has a place for readers’ comments. We would love hearing from you.


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